2010 BMW X1

BMW is currently working on a small SUV that will mix a 1-series footprint with the X3’s four-wheel drive. The new model will be a direct competitor for the Volkswagen Volkswagen Tiguan, Mercedes Mercedes GLK and Audi Q3. The compact SUV is planned for 2010. BMW BMW has big hopes that the X1 will be a real success on the market, something in the style of the Toyota RAV4. The small SUV will be priced around $40.000.

The X1 will be like the "small brother" of the X3. It will be more aggressive and will target the younger buyers. It will stretch an estimated 170 inches, meaning about 10 inches shorter than the X3. Also comparing to the X3 the X1 will weight 440 lbs less, this will mean around 3384 lbs.


As usual for the BMW, the headlights will use optic fiber for the daytime running lights and xenon bulbs. In the same style as the X3, the 2010 X1 will feature at both the front and the back, the bumper units split into two levels. They will be clearly visible and predominantly painted in the body color. This also underlines the high quality and sporty but elegant appearance of the X1.

From the 1-Series the X1 will borrow the adaptive headlights and the cornering light function: two additional lights turn at speeds of between 22 and 40mph to further illuminate the direction of travel on a twisting road.

The large wheels and the suspension come from the X3. The underbody, the drive train, and the electronics will be taken from the 1-series. The X1 will be principally a four-seated, but since the rear chairs slidThe X-drive 4WD system will be lifted directly from the X3 SUV with drive trains and electronics coming from the 1-series. It will be powered by a range of engines from the 1 Series including four cylinder and six cylinder gas engines ranging from 145 to 220 hp. The X1 will also come with diesel engines.


The 2010 X1 will also feature a more powerful engine used in the 335i: the world’s first inline six with twin turbos. This brand-new version develops maximum output of 300 hp in US-spec from 3.0 liters and generates peak torque of 300 lb-ft for powerful acceleration in any situation.

The top speed will be electronically limited to 155 mph.

The car will be built in the Magna-Steyr factory near Graz, in around 100,000 units.



The new version of the successful premium SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) with modified exterior design symbolises the increase in agility and dynamics with the latest, even more powerful and, at the same time, more efficient drive systems; new headlight and rear light optics as well as generously-sized bumper units painted in the vehicle colour underline the striking, dynamic appearance and the premium character; high quality ambience in the interior; wide-ranging redesign of the instrument panel, steering wheel, centre console, seats, door upholstery, storage compartments and roof lining; wide variety of colours, upholstery materials and decorative elements facilitate a high degree of customisation.


The sportiest diesel worldwide is available as the top-of-the-range engine for the new BMW X3. The newly developed 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder unit of the BMW BMW X3 3.0sd with its Variable Twin Turbo (VTT) technology realises 210 kW/286 HP and reaches a maximum torque of 580 Newton metres. The new generation of in-line six-cylinder petrol engines with 3.0-litre and 2.5-litre capacity is also deployed in the new BMW X3.

The VALVETRONIC and Bi-VANOS drive units fitted with a magnesium-aluminium composite crankcase achieve 200 kW/272 HP or 160 kW/218 HP, respectively. The Integrated Chassis Management (ICM) with optimised computer structure ensures an even more effective and rapid interaction of the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive from BMW with the driving dynamic control DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) and the engine control system in all variants of the engine.


The new BMW X3 is the uncompromising further development of a vehicle concept that has caused a sensation on the international automobile markets. As an exceptionally agile sports activity vehicle, it combines dynamic handling characteristics on the road with the advantages in traction guaranteed by the intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive from BMW, even during detours on rugged terrain. The new BMW X3 BMW X3 is still the only premium vehicle of its class – more than ever created for active and demanding car motorists who appreciate superior drive technology, versatility, driving dynamics and highest quality workmanship.


2008 Volkswagen Tiguan

Due to the expansion of the compact SUV class Volkswagen have decided to build their own version based on the new PL/PQ48 platform. The new SUV will be called “Tiguan” and is intended to suit both an urban environment as well as a rough terrain far from normal roads.

The new VW Tiguan will transfer the globally successful Touareg recipe to the class of the compact SUV, a segment that has grown considerably lately. The new exotic sounding name came to serve the adventure, enjoyment and freedom the new car will have to offer.


The Volkswagen Tiguan is expected to be available with four gasoline and diesel engines at start. The 97 cui FSI, 122 cui FSI, 115 cui TDI and 122 cui TDI will be borrowed from the Golf/Rabbit V. The top model will equip either the 2.8 V6 or the Golf/Rabbit GTI’s 2.0 FSI Turbo with 200 bhp. DSG sequential dual clutch gearbox will also be available as an option. The four-wheel drive system will be the already known 4Motion equipping all 4WD Volkswagens. A higher suspension of 2.5 inch will allow the Tiguan to tackle off-road conditions better than the conventional Golf/Rabbit 4Motion.

The Volkswagen Tiguan will be a serious SUV to take on the well known Nissan X-Trail, BMW X3 and Land Rover Freelander. Prices are unknown at this moment but should be $5000 more expensive than the comparable Golf/Rabbit 4Motion.

2010 Audi Q3

After the launch of the Q5 in 2008, a new small-SUV, the Q3, with a coupe-like shape will debut in 2010.


The Q3 will be powered by a two-litre Diese engine with two performance levels: 140 and 170 hp. By the conversion to Common Rail injection the V6 Tdi engine delivers up to 235 hp. There are rumors that where will be a powerful version, the red-hot "S", with an output of 280 hp. The Q3 will go on sale starting 2009.

Mercedes GLK-Class

The competition on the SUV market is getting bigger every day. After the new X3 and X5 launched by BMW, Mercedes Mercedes is preparing a new competitor: a small premium SUV, probably to be called GLK. It will be launched in 2008 in Europe and in 2009 in North America.


For the US market the GLK-Class will be available in three trims: the GLK280 V-6 4Matic (228 hp); the GLK350 V-6 4Matic (268 hp); and the GLK320 CDI V-6 4Matic (221 hp). The car will feature a seven-speed manu-matic gearbox. The AMG version will have an output of 500 hp.

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