2010 BMW Z9 spy shots

Source: WindingRoad

In 2010, BMW will launch a new model on the market. Supposed to be Z8 successor, the Z9 will be priced somewhere arround $150.000.

The Z9 will not have a tapered rear end–something that was seen as beloved part of the Z8. The trunk will have grow in order to accomodate the Z9’s retractable hardtop.

It will be powered by V-10 engine used on the M Group and also the European market will get a range of diesel engines.


Indeed. v10 from M Power. This will be a trully living legend in both street/circuit racing.

This is what I call a car. V10 power, baby!!!!

This is what I call a car. Even dough I have much love for imports, this car makes you think.. smiley

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