2010 Chrysler revamp: new Charger and 300 coming

Chrysler models are no longer a hit among customers and that’s not a secret anymore: sales are down 25 percent this year. To further complicate the situation, although all modes will be priced about $500 higher next year, there are few new products besides the Ram truck scheduled for 2009. So, there next opportunity for true rebound is 2010.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli confirmed that Chrysler’s full renaissance is two years away. "In the pipeline for 2010: A brand new 300, a brand new Charger ... a brand new Jeep, the pipeline is full, plus we have these smaller vehicles coming through partnerships and alliances," Nardelli said. "I think the product cadence at Chrysler is coming back strong."

The company is also working on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Nissan-made small car in 2010. The automaker also has announced plans to begin selling a hybrid version of its Dodge Ram in 2010. Last week, Chrysler unveiled three electric-drive vehicles, one of which will be ready for market by the end of 2010.

Source: FreeP

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