2010 Ford Mustang

Ford is preparing a new generation for the Mustang: less retro, with more aggressiveness in the techno look. The new edition of Fords’ sharpest sporting gun will debut in 2009 and go on sale in 2010.

Off course that the Mustang’s design will still be recognized in the 2010 model because the classical Ponycar outlines outlines will remain unaffected.

The detailed look will cretainly have a clear modernization: The retro-look dominating so far is taken clearly back and the futuristic Design yields.

It will be powered by a 3.5-Liter V6 with an output arround 280 hp, also a more powerful version it is expected: powered by a 4.6-Liter V8 with an output of 400 hp. A top version for the Shelby GT500 it is also expected.


I really hope they don’t go with that concept. It looks like they are basically putting the mustang symbol on a convertible Chrysler Crossfire. In the coupe picture it favors a Porsche. Why can’t they come up with an original mustang design like they used to do?

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