2010 Ford Probe will look like this?

A Ford that can compete with the Audi R8 and other models like it? Why not! A real sports car at a reasonable price is something that, you have to admit, you’ll be a real success on the market. And if it will look like this we can assure you that success will be for real!

This rendering was made by Stefan Linsert who took its inspiration from the Ford FG FPV Falcon.

We can only hope Ford will sometime produce something like this! Fingers crossed!

Source: TuningKultur


Love the idea of this car but realistically Ford would probably make this an Front-engine Ecoboost 4 with FWD/AWD slotted below the Mustang. Seeing as many of the Asian automakers are switching to RWD 4cylinders below their hot coupes, Ford would more than likely follow suit. If they made it slightly larger than the last Celica in width/length and with a FWD base starting around 18K, they would actually have a hot seller on their hands.

Agreed kylle, some good stuff coming from Ford designs lately

looks great, hope to see a car like that on the road!

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