2010 GoldRush Rally to be held from June 8-13, 2010

After a highly-successful inaugural event last year, the GoldRush Rally is back for a much-anticipated second serving.

The 2010 GoldRush Rally, which is being billed as gR2KX, will take place from June 8-13, 2010. From what we’ve heard, the route for the second GoldRush Rally will being in Seattle going to Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, before concluding in Las Vegas.

The GoldRush Rally is a great way for car aficionados to get their fix of the latest and fastest machines in the planet today. Taking from the success of the inaugural this year, the 2010 GoldRush Rally is shaping up to be one for the books.

Check out this video for a small teaser of what to expect for the 2010 GoldRush Rally.

Source: GT Spirit


I missed it, do they have a video uploaded on the internet?

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