2010 Honda Civic - new rendering

Honda will unveil the next generation (ninth) Civic in 2010. Here is an exclusive rendering of what reports suggest the future car may looks like. Based on the OSM Concept unveiled by Honda at the British Motor Show, the future little Honda will likely look more aggressive in its European form and hopefully this look will spill over into North America.

Although Honda has not announced plans to bring the hatchback version of the Civic back to the U.S., we chose this rendering to give us all something to drool over. For Euro Civic fans, sources indicate that the future Civic hatchback will carry over the current single strip light cluster at the rear, but the split rear screen has been dropped to improve visibility.

Honda currently makes two different versions of the Civic. Just like the Accord, the car offered in Europe is a different design and rides on a different platform. The last two generations of the Civic in the U.S. have taken the car away from the youth and turned it into mom and pop’s second car. Gone are the days of the performance-oriented double-wishbone front suspension (2001), instead we get more interior room. It may be reliable, but it lost most of its passion.

The true hope is that with the 2010 update, we will get back the hatchback or at least something similar to the sporty design from our rendering of Honda’s own OSM Concept. Honda make it dependable, but make sure it has a pulse.


Daymn.. i looks more aggressive and sporty, honda hatch is one of my favorite cars. because of its wheel base and body style, im a hatchback lover that’s why I really love seeing a customized Hatch car.

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