2010 Hummer H4 Confirmed

Source: GoAuto

General Motors has confirmed the 2010 Hummer H4. It will share its under body with another upcoming compact architecture but, the fun doesn’t stop there as the H3 sees the addition of a diesel model down under and the addition of a new H3 SUT model in 2008.

Martin Walsh mentioned the addition of a smaller Hummer that will sit below the current H3. "It will be another GM platform that will allow us to build a smaller vehicle," he says.

A Hummer insider admitted to fearing that its hard-won hardcore off-road image may be irreparably harmed if GM decides to go "soft" with the H4.

Hummer needs to maintain its 4WD reputation by ensuring that all its vehicles have a separate chassis, short overhangs, class-leading approach, breakover and departure angles, ample ground clearance and signature Hummer styling cues.


I love the robotic exterior appearance of this Hummer, and I truly admire it on that. However, it seems that it’s too heavy and huge on its dimension which I wonder if it can’t affect on its performance?

Yeah! A toy car on a picture! Anyway, I would still prefer a Jeep than with this Hummer for the fact that Jeep didn’t only focus on their looks but also on its figure performance.

It looks like a toy car! smiley Well, I want one for myself either. I can say that it is my favorite outdoor car here in the hummer! Is it already on market production? Is there any other news coming about it?

this look awsome i want one

It looks like crap, hummers are suppose to be big with a wide wheel base. Whats the H5 going to look like a GEO Metro with a wide wheel base?

A best car ever . Think about buying it. Don’t say it is a bad loser.

Right on time for me. My current lease should be up when the H4 comes out. I can’t wait to take up the mountain.

looks rubbish to me like they all rubbish they should stop over america they to big n to ugly

still H2 better

mangifique c mon rĂªve d’avoir un hummer

That Hummer is so cool dude I wish I could have it so Much I always wanna a Hummer is Beautiful

I think the Hummer look cool. I wonder what the price is, what the gas is like and if it will do all the hummers are made for not like all the other 4X4. I still wish they had the H1 they were the best.

nice weels

wtf that thing is ugly , but looks powerful ,proably like 450 horsepower

looks like a match box toy to me lol

the hummer h4 looks a beast and i wonder what engine it has

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