2010 Infiniti EX will get more rear legroom

Infiniti has an odd problem. It pitched the EX crossover at single women and they ended up attracting families. The problem is that since the car was designed for the single life, families were disappointed at elements such as the lack of rear-seat legroom.

"Dealers asked us to make some changes," Larry Dominique, Nissan North America’s vice president said. "Sales are not quite as high as we wanted them to be." Now Infiniti is going for a two sided approach for the redesigned EX. It is going to be more aggressive toward the singles market, but it will offer more rear room for when dad and mom accidentally show up to the showroom.


Amazing performance that can produce a 297-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and 5-speed automatic transmission.

Oh sure! Give women more legroom and pass emissions laws so that the guys can’t enjoy sportscars and end up with econoboxes. These people make me sick!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Iam gonna go out and try to convince my date that Iam an enviromentalist so I can get laid.

An SUV for single young women? Shouldn’t an SUV be for all people, regardless of relationship status and sex? I can see marketing a sporty compact car for single women, but not this. A "longer" EX would be a better competitor for the X3 and GLK.

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