2010 Jaguar XJ engine lineup announced

The now Indian automaker, Jaguar has officially announced that the next generation Jaguar XJ will keep the current 510 HP supercharged V8 from the R models, when it is unveiled this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is a relief for all the Jaguar fans who feared a greener future with a little less horse power from the classic well handling British luxury limousine.

Next to the high performance powerhouse, Jaguar will also offer a wide range of internal combustion engines; mostly borrowed from the current XF and XK models. The majority of the piston pumpers will be gasoline powered with the entry-level model only having six of them. Don’t fret alternatively fueled junkies; there will also be a diesel powered unit.

The top of the line XJ will get the same 5.0 Liter V8 engine found in the current XFR sport sedan and two door XKR . There hasn’t been an XJR since the Vanden Plas trim was added, so this boosted XJ will wear an SV8 badge. However, there is talk of bringing back a 550 HP R version, but not anytime soon.

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