2010 Jaguar XJ - new details revealed

For more than forty year the Jaguar XJ has kept the same basic shape. A combination of cash shortages and tradition have insured that an XJ is always recognizable. But Jaguar has now learned an important lesson with the switch from the S-Type to the XF , which is the public is ready for the new look of Jaguar.

With this in mind a full rebodying of the XJ will be taking place. A source inside Jag told AutoCar, “People know that there’s new car coming, but they won’t be prepared for anything like this.”

The new XJ will be a clear departure from its predecessors. Its closest family resemblances should be to the XF, especially in the interior. Lessons learned in the XF about providing low-slung sedan while still providing ample interior space will be directly applied to the XJ.

The engine lineup shouldn’t be a surprise. The new 5.0-liter V8 will be the main gas engine available, with the 503 hp supercharged version toping the line for the XJR. There will also be a 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel V6 making 237 hp and delivering 40 mpg, but that engine has not been confirmed for North America.

The new XJ should be launched this July in London, and production should begin by the end of the year. While the global economic state this may seem like the wrong time to launch a new luxury car, Jaguar has a good plan. Parent company CEO Ratan Tata Tata has been quoted many times that he believes in strengthening the Jaguar line, so that when the economic situation improves, Jaguar will be a stronger competitor.

Source: AutoCar

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