2010 Lexus IS F-Sport Preview

The Japanese luxury automaker Lexus will unveil the F-Sport package for the 2010 Lexus IS lineup at the Fankfurt Motor Show. Although the F-Sport package won’t transform your everyday IS 250 in the V8 powered IS-F super sedan, it does add a tasteful upgrade to the standard car’s aesthetics adding a few simple additions that go a long way to make both the diesel and gas powered versions a bit more sporty.

Lexus IS F-Sport Preview

The kit includes an IS-F type radiator grill with its wavy metal face and a subtle rear spoiler that barely pokes out above the car’s deck lid. Although you don’t get the bulging fenders of the high horsepower model, you do get a nice set of exclusive 18 inch wheels to finish off the package. Lexus will the F-Sport performance package for all versions of the IS sedan, offering color matched parts straight from the factory, including the new Cattleya Purple.

The Lexus F-Sport interior is made up of a highly bolstered set of leather wrapped IS-F inspired bucket seats as well as the steering wheel and automatic gear shift lever from the super sedan complete with tasteful grey stitching. Even the IS-F’s bespoke, black on black color scheme carries over with a black headliner to match the rest of the interior.

UPDATE 09/07/2010: Check out our review of the IS-F Sport by clicking here !


This competes with the BMW 328 and 335 convertibles, not the M3. It would be great to see the ISF-C though.

The IS-F is quickly becoming one of my favourite sports cars. It has the perfect looks, power and performance.

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