2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class by Carlsson

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German tuners Carlsson have just released this rendering of a very wicked 2010 Mercedes E-Class . The bold muscular lines are more appropriate for an SL65 Black Series than Benz’s midsize sedan. Everything from the blistered and vented fenders to the aggressive 20 inch 1/5 Revo Carlsson wheels makes a little more sense when the tuners announced that the E500 will have a CM50K compressor under the hood.


Carlsson is a refutable company and the thing that they have done with the E-Class is just right. Good choice for both companies.

Well this team I think is really made for the E-class it makes the car ready for market.

I think what makes this tuning stunning, are the wheels...It fits well and makes a lot of sense for this car. Cool

I like the sharper rendering done for the E class here. It looks sportier and I think that’s the word more aggressive.

Someone who is weary about installation of Carlsson products its effect on vehicle’s registration approval should not feel afraid as all Carlsson parts are fully tested and can be supplied with a TÜV expertise on request. Given that the registration regulations differ from country to country, your Carlsson dealer will be pleased to advise you about the official requirements in relation to your conversion. No sweat anyways.

There are three important points that Carlsson mentioned in its philosophy, the individual car made for the individualist, keeping it fit for you and racing-based developments.All these three points only mean one thing—Carlsson in the business and it sure does want to make E-class a Carlsson class on its own.

One thing for sure we have been featuring car tuners for this week. And alot of these tuning up are greatly done for the more individualize and selective taste of automobile buyers. Coz nowadays, it seems that we not only buying cars or good cars, we are also buying our taste our more discriminating taste for what our hard earned money means for us.

looks good... even though i hate the new e-class... this actually looks nice

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