2010 Miss Tuning Finalists

Like every year, the Austrian W├Ârthersee event will choose the 2010 Miss Tuning. At this year’s contest, there were 500 girls signed up, but only 20 of them entered the finals.

The winner will be announced on May 13.

There’s really not much else to say on the subject. We doubt any reader has even glanced at this article so we are just going to stop here.

Which one is your favorite?


Oh yes! This is what I like about Miss tuning all the finalist here is gorgeous! I want to vote them all but its not allowed..

haha. Well, I think Kristin has been the winner of 2010 Miss Tuning. All the finalist here are gorgeous and all if them deserve to win.

The finalist from this year is much hotter that the last. From 500 beautiful women, they only want 20 of them? That’s a tough fight for the judge I think.

Gorgeous ladies! Any news about 2011 Miss Tuning? I haven’t seen all of them. Maybe, I’ll start browsing the gallery today.

Go for a test-drive. Models vary considerably, as does performance. Installation by a top-notch professional, as well as using quality components makes all the difference in the world.

What a lovely contestants..Whose your bets?smiley

good luck to all of them, it’s nice to see some girls that’s this hot and sexy interested on cars.

This babes are sweet looking.smiley

A good car is not complete without a sexy model attracting the eyes of the buyers specially the guys and sometimes the guys are looking at them more than the cars.

Sexy models have also the effect in marketing the car. They’re used by the car companies to sell their cars.

Yeah I agree, most of the model are also seen on the latest Geneva Car show.

hotter than the hot cars they’ve represent. Right?

She is gorgeous, perfectly to be one of the finalist. I think she got all a man needs.

What a lovely lady! It’s just like a Alfra Romeo Rapide that i like to bring home.

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