2010 Porsche 996 Twin Turbo P700 by Switzer

Porsche is about to replace the 997 , so one might ask why we even bother talking about the old Porsche 996? Well, that’s easy. We talk about it because it is a very cool car and tuners are still into it.

In fact, Switzer is offering a new tuning package for the 996 Turbo called the P700 and its name is sure to give away the fact that Switzer has been able to pump out 700HP on the good old 996. The P700 can turn out such impressive power thanks to new, billet-wheel K16 turbo upgrades. It even runs on 93 octane pump gas!

Other features included in the Porsche 996 P700 package are a Switzer Performance exhaust, a high flow BMC air filter, Iridium spark plugs and a high flow fuel injector system. It also features a Switzer silicone hose kit, billet diverter valves, HD wastegate actuators, and an electronic boost controller.

The Porsche 996 P700 is priced at $8,995. A fair price for all that equipment.

See the P700 package on the dyno in the video after the jump.


hmm pretty cheap but great power. Well I guess the p800 is much faster than the 700 but the price is way different.

Just wondering... which switzer tune is faster... the P800 or the P700?

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