2010 Toyota Prius images?

PriusChat seemed to have gotten the scoop on everyone else and possibly posted the first studio images of the 2010 Toyota Prius . They say its not part of Toyota’s new teaser campaign, so there’s even a little room for doubt about the picture’s authenticity.

If this is a photoshop job, then whoever made it has a future in car design. The images are in line with the spy shots we’ve seen. The door line has new creases and follows a new pattern. The front is in line with Toyota’s new family face. The interior has a nice smooth finish to it. So with all these elements, if this isn’t the car that Toyota has actually made, it is probably now wishing it had.

We’ll know for sure in January when the car debuts at the Detroit Auto Show. We do know that the third generation Prius will be larger and more fuel efficient when it takes on Honda’s new Insight . It will go on sale shortly after the world debut in January.


cool looks great

Toyota confirmed it...This is what the Prius will look like.

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