2011 Alfa Romeo Giulia

After the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo gets done working on the new Milano , they will be focusing their attention to the all new Giulia , a new three box sedan that will replace the dated 159. The future Giulia is set to debut sometime in the next two years and will be priced at around $35,000.

Like the future Milano, the new Giulia will use the Fiat Group’s new C-Evo platform, meaning that it will be offered with a front-wheel drive layout powered by a range of new engines, including a gas burning 1.75 Liter turbocharged unit making 200 HP and the all new 1.4 Liter Multiair power plant pumping out anywhere from 150 HP to 170 HP. As far as alternatively fueled options go, Alfa will offer a diesel burning 2.0 Liter JTDM engine making 170 HP as well as a 1.9 Liter TwinTurbo unit cranking out 190 HP.

Source: Motorionline


Nice-looking competitor for the RX-8.

OMG...that’s stunning!!!

Since i can’t afford an 8C, and I prefer a coupe, it looks like that may just be my ride when AR finally comes back to the US!

Unless of course, it only comes in FWD and automatic trans.

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