2011 Audi S8 rendered

Now that Audi has revealed the redesigned A8 luxury sedan , it is only a matter of time before the German automaker’s in house tuners develop the A8 into a high performance sports inspired S8. Although we still have no clue as to what Audi will do with the working parts, we do have some idea as to what the upcoming S8 will look like thanks to this rendering that shows off the four ringed automaker’s standard S-line upgrades like LED lights, lower hanging side skirts, a chrome grille and side mirrors mirrors as well as a set of sporty 21 inch wheels.

Source: AudiBlog


Of course what Audi want is to satisfy all the prospect buyers of their cars just to ensure that they will not have defects or any concern after the release. Anyways this S8 looks elegant just like pairing it with Chrysler and Bentley that is well-known for black cars.

Anyways it will soon release on which German mechanics will be in charge on this upgrading. Anyways the expectation is there always but I’m sure we will never be disappointed on that.

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