2011 BMW 5-Series M-Sport Package catalog leaked

A Bimmer Today reader somehow got a series of leaked images of a BMW 5-Series Touring M-Sport Package catalog in his possession. The new package will be available for order this autumn and is rumored to be a preview of the design language from the future BMW M5 F10.

The M Sport package includes a choice of 18" or 19" M light alloy wheels in double spoke design, new front bumper with larger air ducts, side skirts, a modified apron, and dark chrome tail pipes. The interior will get sport seats covered in an exclusive Alcantara combination, an M leather steering wheel, and the roof lining in anthracite for more athleticism. It will also feature M door sills, an M foot rest, an M shift knob, and sets of decorative trim for the dashboard and door panels.

As usual, the M-Sport Package comes with M Sport suspension. It will be offered in a choice of seven exterior colors.

Source: Bimmer Today


Well, I have to say that I’m really impressed on this vehicle. However, its sad that its not that popular.

I’m so impressed on the speed performance of the car. The M package of the car makes it more appealing. However, the 6-series is much better compare to this vehicle.

Its kind of a smart move from the BMW to use the M package! We couldn’t admit on how the package makes the car to look more aggressive. And the seven exterior color is a pretty awesome deal.

I have to admit that they have an impressive styling of the car. It seems that the M package makes it an awesome vehicle. However, it would be great to see an engine upgrade as well.

M-sport package looks amazing and I like the design of the 5 series. I really appreciate BMW’s engineering and styling.

this is a good choice for moms. hehehe moms who used to go to market daily.

haha so bmw can’t keep a secret anymore with the 5 series..

I guess this would definitely look good on the sedan whenever they do end up showing the M-Sport version.

another aggressive and sporty looking vehicle is ready to launch soon.

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