2011 Dodge Charger caught testing

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Just last month, Dodge president Ralph Gilles talked a little about the future of Dodge’s vehicles , stating that the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee was just the beginning of Dodge’s plans. Today, a reader was able to catch another glimpse into their future with a photo taken of the backend of the 2011 Dodge Charger . He was able to catch the muscle car taking a break from its testing in Florida and, although it is still bandaged up, could see some revised taillights and some hid headlights. The reader was able to take a peek on the inside and that revealed a unique two-tone leather interior that he said “looked upscale for a Dodge.”

In last month’s discussion, Gilles mentioned that the company was looking into a “higher-power version of the Pentastar V-6 with unique power rating” for the 2011 Dodge Charger. The sounds coming from the exhaust of the test vehicle assured us that a higher power version was found and utilized. Another interesting feature our reader noticed was the square cutouts in the bumper housing the dual exhaust which is similar to the feature found on the Chevrolet Camaro .

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Fury is the right name for this car in a world of cars with forgettable numbers and letters as names

Living in the great white north, we also get tons of snow. In my area snow gets cleared once a month if we are lucky. Most of the cars that are in the ditch are the SUV drivers who think AWD and ground clearance will save them. Say what you will but off-roading capability cant match a good set of winter rubber.

Interior looks much nicer.

The Durango name makes more sense. The Magnum was never as popular.

Fantastic! I never imagined that being bandaged.

There’s no need to make it a 2-door, we have that already it’s called the Challenger and the Charger sells pretty good for a 4-door Muscle sedan. Complaints about the Charger being a 4 door are so 2005.

Well it’s not that bad, i guess it could be better but for 23K you are getting a nice ride.

It looks similar to the 90s concept. With a good interior that should really help sales and whet the appetite for the smaller models to come.

alright, all I can say is that the idea of the car being bandaged up just increase my level of curiosity. Its very intriguing! What does it looks like without the cover. And ooh, like that unique two-tone leather interior huh. Sounds classy smiley

Those aren’t the real taillights dumbass.

Pretty wimpy taillights if you ask me.

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