2011 Infiniti M Impul 651S

Rolling into the 2011 Toyko Motor Show is an Infiniti luxury sedan that will surely create quite a stir. This is no ordinary Infiniti M . This vehicle has been done over by Japanese tuner, Impul, to create the new Impul 651S, a vehicle that boasts of an impressive aerodynamic package and some engine updates for the 37 and M25 versions.

Some of the changes are not overly obvious, but the result transforms this vehicle from an ordinary people pusher to a mean and low transporter. After all, that is usually the goal for these types of vehicles; transforming the ordinary to the aggressive and stylish.

The exterior package includes a new front bumper, front grille, side skirts, rear bumper, rear wing, and sports ducts to get that low, rough look. The car now sits on AURA SX-20 wheels and a new set of coil over springs. Bringing the gruff sound out of the engine is the new stainless steel exhaust system.

The EXTRA POWER KIT does exactly what it says it does; give the car some extra bang and responsiveness. The device consists of an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit and big throttle valves. Needless to say, using premium gasoline for the EXTRA POWER KIT can bring out more power. Don’t worry if your Infiniti has already been equipped with an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit, you can still boost the performance by adding the throttle valves.


This car definitely has the boosting aerodynamic package and upgrade on the engine performance. So if extra power kit is added then what will be the total cost of the car?

Added power comes thanks to a dual-exhaust system, as well as a retuned ECU and larger throttlebodies. Those upgrades are, however, only offered for the M37 and M25 models

While some of the aerodynamic modifications aren’t to out taste, thankfully Impul isn’t just some plastic-fantastic shop. They actually offer a full line of modifications.

i bet they’ll going to need a high performance break for this baby. this car probably wont stop for with a stock rotors and calipers. plus they should make the front lip and fin longer to compensate with much air drag.

what a great car, they really give some attention to it, i bet they wont regret tuning this one besides nissan/infinity is one of the best cars around.

And from the side has something from lexus. It seems they did a pretty extensive documentation when they started this project lol

This is the first Infiniti that I like! Way to go Nissan!

I’d say from the front looks like a KIA, and from the back is very similar with the 90s Toyota Corolla back!

Very nice. The bad part is that is looking terribly similar to a Mercedes combined with a Toyota! smiley

yes it looks agggressive and sporty but there are no words for the TopSpeed. i whish the release more details about this car so that we can judge it and find a competitor.

dang this car looks amazing, with the ECU enhancements and combo engine mods it probably need an aero kits, front lip, side skirts and diffusers.

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