2011 Jaguar XE Roadster - will it look like this?

As announced previously Jaguar is preparing to reveal a successor for the E-Type. Called XE, the new model will be a competitor for models like Mercedes SLK and Porsche Boxster and will make its official debut in 2010 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

2011 Jaguar XE Roadster - will it look like this?

The German magazine AutoBild reports that the 2011 XE Roadster will "continue the new design line with a fierce look and a distinctive front grille."

The XE will be built on an all-new aluminum platform and will be powered by a V8 petrol engine with 385hp in naturally aspired version and 510 hp in the supercharged version.

Source: Autobild


I saw this model in full view and guys take my word it does really look good. Very classy and elegant.

A jaguar will always be ahead with every model car’s. It has all we want from a car.

It’s the talk of the town that Jaguar may have a look like this one but personally speaking I want the classic Jaguar designs. I’m used to that design and I think it’s better than the new designs. But still if they will push this design, the acceptance is there but maybe the "classy" type will disappear for this brand.

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