2011 Lexus IS Facelift brochure leaked

The Lexus IS received its last updates for the 2009 model year, so it’s a little surprising that Lexus has already decided to offer a few more improvements. This information comes to us by a leaked brochure that shows those improvements. These improvements should appear alive and in color for the 2011 model year.

The list of new updates will include LED daytime running lights incorporated into the headlights, redesigned fog lights and bumper insets as well as new tail lights. For the interior Lexus will offer a new steering wheel with new accents, a chrome strip added above the glove box, a USB connector, and an aluminum trim.

In regards to the engine, Lexus revealed that all the engines will be 15% more fuel-efficient than the current model. However, the Japanese company announced the biggest changes will be made for the top version, the IS-F sports sedan. It will get the same wheel design as the Lexus LF-A , a new front fascia, and an updated suspension.

Source: Autospies


Its a wise move that they reinvent Lexus cars to a better performance and furnishing. I really like the pure black car, very strong on the road.

I rarely if ever see guys driving this, and I think I’ve only seen a handful of IS350s, and only ONE IS-F. And to be honest, with the direction Toyota and new Lexus models seem to be heading design-wise, I don’t look forward to the next GS or IS.

Toyota changed directions about a year ago to extend each model to around 5 years minimum with only minor changes to allow plenty of time to release new models.

Now please make a manuel transmission optional all the way up. And i don’t mean no flappy box, but a good, oldfashioned manual transmission with cluch on the floor and all.

I can’t find any reason to hate this car nor to love it. And it looks like a tweaked plain corolla.

oh yeah it’s wheel set did came from LF-A.. for sure this thing is lighter than other stock rims.

nice.. but it think it’s price is a little bit higher than the previous one.

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