2011 mazda rx-7 rendering picture

It’s been a while since we’ve heard rumors about a new Mazda RX-7 . Just like the BMW M7 rendering , we don’t expect one either. But if the folks at Motor Magazine in Japan are going to take the time to put together a rendering, we’re more than happy to get caught in the daydream.



    TJKEON (138)

    It looks like they flattened an RX-8. The RX-7 needs to be completely gangster. Fat arches, slim midsection and a wide stance. That is my recomoendation.

    Posted on 02.11.2009

    jtm0711 (233)

    mazda should throw everyone off and make a rx-9 with a NA 9 liter v-12 lol jk jk

    Posted on 02.10.2009

    The rendering looks great. Considering the market and Mazda’s current sales volume, I sincerely doubt we’ll be seeing anything like this for quite some time.

    Posted on 02.10.2009

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