2011 Mercedes CLS

Mercedes ’ new prized beauty, the CLS saloon that’s been designated as the ’C218’, is still a few months - give or take - away from its highly-anticipated unveiling. Of course, that hasn’t stopped curious bees like us from trying to get as good a look at the car whenever the opportunity presents itself, which is probably why we got all geeked up when this spy video of the CLS AMG doing some lap runs at the Nurburgring found its way on the Internet.

The new member of Mercedes’ CLS line will be powered by the company’s new 5.5-liter bi-turbo engine, a different engine from the car’s closest predecessor, the CLS 63 AMG , which was powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine. With the new 5.5-liter bi-turbo, the new CLS will be able to produce over 544 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque for the standard form with a more powerful performance package - 571 ponies and 664 lb-ft of torque - also being offered.

That’s the extent of what we know about the new CLS saloon with Mercedes being extra cautious in divulging more information about the car. In any case, the new CLS is expected to be unveiled later this year, possibly at the Paris Motor Show, at which time we’re going to be feasting our eyes on the new Merc eye-catcher with longing looks.

UPDATE 07/16/2010: The Mercedes CLS-Class has been caught undisguised! Hit the jump for more info and a picture of the naked CLS!

Source: YouTube
2011 Mercedes CLS caught undisguised

The new model features a more upright grille, more pronounced front fender flares, and a smartly drawn hood. It will compete with models like the Audi Audi A7 and the Porsche Panamera. The official debut will be made in September at the Paris Auto Show, with sales to begin in early 2011.


the newer version of the car is not that stunning compare to this vehicle. The revealing of the C-class is near so it would be better to wait for that production instead.

the same with this vehicle. I think it would be better to less consider this vehicle since its not that impressive. I was captivated with the awesomeness of the car.

Yeah, Mercedes car have the same look that why it sometimes look boring. However, I think with the speed performance of the car. I bet no will got bored on its power output! The horsepower and torque are both impressive! Well, that’s good for consolation.

The paint job of the car is kind of boring for I only see a black and white color. I want to see the Mercedes car to take away sometimes its luxurious image and try to be sporty! I still refer the aftermarket version of this car rather than the original production vehicle.

The figure performance of this car is great though they haven’t mentioned the top speed of this car. However, the SLS series would be a best option!

I’m so bored with the look of Mercedes cars they are all the same.. I was hoping to see a new look and detailing for this car though the reliability is not a questionable.

The speed of this car is awesome and I think with its great power performance
I think there’s no reason on why should we hate this car with its heavy gull wing.

Basically the E class interior. The current CLS’s interior is so unique, distinctive and classy.

If only there were a way I could work subprime homeloans again so I could make the amount of money this is gonna cost.

Under 40k in what currency? With the 2010 model retailing for $74k, it unfortunately won’t be under 40k in U.S. dollars.

Absolutely wonderful, I can’t wait for this ungainly beast to get the new corporate face. I think it should flow very well with the coupe like proportions.

Major mistake on the interior with the Screen located so low on the center stack. Now it is unusable while driving without collision avoidance software.

It looks more neat and elegant. Good thing the performance is still aggressive and sporty.

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