2012 Ford Taurus SHO To Have 400 Horsepower?

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2012 Ford Taurus SHO To Have 400 Horsepower?

The world of automotive snooping is a unique one. There are unnamed sources giving out secrets and pictures taken of cars wrapped in interesting material. This latest photo is no different. It’s clearly a Ford Taurus , but Brenda Priddy says that this is not your everyday Ford. The SHO wheels and the dual chrome exhaust tips tell us a different story.

For 2012, designers wanted to give the high-performance Taurus a unique look. Priddy’s sources are saying that this new SHO will pack 400 horsepower from the 3.5-liter EcoBoost motor.

From the photos we have, you can see an updated grille, but the rest is mostly the same. Priddy says that a completely updated car isn’t expected until 2015.

We’re not sold on all of this new information. There is no clear evidence that there is a new motor under the hood. Ford appears to be hot weather testing, which could mean there is a new motor or it could mean they are testing the new grilles airflow in hot weather. We’ll have to wait until we get some serious proof.

Source: Sema.org



My main concern would be all that weight that the Taurus carries, it’ll be hard to overcome that. I’d expect/hope Brembos would come standard.

A Taurus? Ford should have just borrowed the Falcon platform from it’s Australian unit. A real RWD car worthy of police work.

As the article states, along with power, they should address how the car turns and stops as well.

Well, this one is definitely something that Ford mus really show in order to get more attention. And if they do manage to put this one in the market, a lot of people will likely go for it.

Great! Now I won’t doubt that Taurus would just be another eco car released on the market.

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