2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee fails in Evasive Maneuver Test...Or does it?? (UPDATE)

The guys over Teknikens Värld recently got a little more than they bargained for when they performed a Moose test (or Elk test) with the brand-spanking new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee . The Moose test determines how a vehicle acts when the driver evades a suddenly appearing obstacle, such as an animal or a child, and the Grand Cherokee didn’t exactly get to the top of the class.

The purpose of this test - done at very low speeds - was to determine how well the SUV’s active safety system would work. At only 39.5 mph, the Jeep Jeep Grand Cherokee went up on two wheels, in the middle of the maneuver. If it wasn’t for the professional driver behind the wheel, it would have easily rolled over. As many can imagine, not everyone that purchases vehicles have professional driving skills, so at the hands of probably most Jeep Grand Cherokee owners, the result could be deadly. According to Teknikens Värld’s Linus Pröjtz, this is an unacceptable result for a 2012 SUV, and we would have to 100% agree with this.

By comparison, SUVs like the Volkswagen Touareg and the Volvo XC90 did well at even greater speeds of 43.5 mph. To make matters worse, when Teknikens Värld performed the Moose Test on the previous generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it passed the test with no problems at all.

This information should certainly not fall on deaf ears, especially the ears of Chrysler heads.

UPDATE 07/09/2012: Teknikens Varld’s tough review of the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee immediately caught the attention of Chrysler heads and the company is none too pleased with the results. Their displeasure doesn’t stem from the Grand Cherokee’s failure, though. According to Chrysler, several attempts were made by Chrysler Group engineers to recreate the two-wheeled escapade of Varld’s test, to no avail. Chrysler then joined Teknikens Varld’s team to see if they could recreate the terrible result and they also could not. Turns out, the Jeep used in Varld’s first Moose test was loaded beyond its weight specifications. The Grand Cherokee’s weight limitations are clearly stated on the vehicle and in the owner’s manual.

All is good in our world again.

Hit the jump to read the full statement from Chrysler.

UPDATE 07/10/2012: It looks like Teknikens Varld is not going to give up. After Chrysler attacked them and said their test was not accurate, the Swedish magazine posted a second part to their test in which they explained how the Grand Cherokee failed the evasive maneuver test. According to them, the car they tested was loaded according to the specifications for the maximum load in the Swedish registration certificate and was riding on standard equipment tires. Also, all systems, such as chassis settings, air suspension, and similar, were in normal mode. Even so, in each test they performed, the car either went up on two wheels or was close to overturning. We’re assuming Chrysler is going to have something to say about this as well. The drama continues!!

UPDATE 07/13/2012: The guys from Teknikens Varld are seriously not going to give up! Today they have posted a new part to their Grand Cherokee moose test in which they advise customers not to buy the new Jeep Grand Cherokee until Jeep/Chrysler solves the problems. We are pretty curious to find out what Jeep has to say about this.

Chrysler statement:

Chrysler Group engineers are investigating a Swedish magazine’s evaluation of the 2012 Grand Cherokee. During the evaluation, the publication was able to capture images of a Grand Cherokee on two wheels as it performed an extreme maneuver in an overloaded condition.

Advised of this event by the magazine, Chrysler Group engineers made numerous attempts to reproduce the wheel-lift in a properly loaded vehicle. Extensive testing produced no such result.

A subsequent evaluation was conducted by the magazine July 8 in Sweden and witnessed by Chrysler Group engineers. Three vehicles performed 11 runs on a course prepared by the magazine. None reproduced the original event.

The uncharacteristic result was obtained using a vehicle loaded beyond its weight specifications. The Grand Cherokee’s weight limitations are clearly stated on the vehicle and in the owner’s manual.

Also, the extreme maneuver performed by the magazine is not certified by any regulatory agency, nor is it used to establish any sanctioned safety ratings.

Chrysler Group takes seriously any safety concerns and engineers are examining the event to better understand the magazine’s claims.

A “Top Safety Pick” of the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the 2012 Grand Cherokee is an award-winning SUV that features Electronic Stability Control and Electronic Roll Mitigation as standard equipment. It meets or exceeds all government safety mandates and its outstanding performance has made it the most awarded SUV in history.


I hope it will resolve as soon as possible, so we can go back on Cherokee.

When this issue solved, they can easily re-launch the new Grand Cherokee.

So it’s still an award winning on performing stunts like that?

It’s not bad if this Cherokee undergoes some testing, if it benefits us all.

They need to hold it until the further investigation takes on

Maybe that incident is on purpose. Examine the picture it just seemed perfect. It’s like they know that it is going to happen, and they are expecting it to capture that incident.

It’s better to have more test, before selling it out again.

If this Grand Cherokee successfully passed all the test it needed, they may have the trust back again.

So what is the result of their investigation regarding the Grand Cherokee. Some are still waiting for its clearance.

Whatever the cause of failure is, they have to fix it as soon as possible before any serious cases happen.

They must give the result of the investigation on us, so we will know when can we buy the Grand Cherokee again.

This car is like an adventurer, but it can do wild stunts like those.

It’s hard to drive that car. I think it’s not safe for us to drive that, and its fitted only for professional drivers.

Coupe + Hatch doesn’t fit, so let’s not ruin it. Plan the best deal and I still believe in their work. Though, the idea of having a coupe is good for me.

It will be too late if they not recall all the units, which have the same code with the one they are testing. Do you think that all Grand Cherokees have defects on its steering?

That will be unsafe for us. They need to recall all the Grand Cherooke to prevent future accidents regarding the failure on steering.

What happened on that Grand Cherokee? At the speed of 39.5MPH, it can’t do a proper turning? This is more than a disappointment. The maneuver is not on a good state, and it really has a threat on every owner of Grand Cherokee.

It has difficulty on a sharp maneuver that can lead into overturning. It’s a total gross.

And I can’t even believe that Grand Cherokee will encounter a soft spot failure in this maneuver test.

This is a 100% BS review from a amateur website trying generate hits off of a fraudulent review of a clearly overloaded vehicle.

I hope Chrysler sues them into the ground...

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