2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee under NHTSA investigation

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been in the spotlight lately, with Teknikens Värld claiming that the vehicle failed their Moose test (or Elk test) miserably. Chrysler called "bullshit" on that claim, but it’s not going to be so easy convincing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that their latest safety concerns are bogus.

The NHTSA is investigating the SUV because of two complaints they received from Grand Cherokee customers. Apparently, there have been some under-hood fires that have caused the destruction of both vehicles. The sources of the fires are unknown at this point, but one customers stated that a hose ruptured when the vehicle was traveling at low speeds: "Mechanic received directive from Chrysler on a fix. He made the fix as directed, but the new hose quickly burst on him during testing," the owner wrote to the agency. The other owner’s complaint was that he "glanced in the rearview mirror and noticed smoke outside the vehicle. He pulled over and exited the vehicle, when suddenly massive flames erupted from under the hood."

We’re not very sure how this investigation will affect the Grand Cherokee, but if these claims lead to a recall, there will be almost 107,000 Grand Cherokee units affected.

Source: NY Times


why did Chrysler reacted that way, the have to face the accusations on them and prove if it’s not right.

That issue is so common in almost all manufacturers in the world. It will only depend on how heavy the violation is.

Hmm....There’s nothing to worry about if they can make some major adjustments with their cars.

It’s time to face the investigations regarding the failure on the Grand Cherokee. It all started with the maneuver test.

Jeep should do something on about the investigation of the NHTSA. They can do something better on this issue to prevent more to come.

Jeep must pay attention to this issue if they don’t want their vehicles to be ignored by people on the following years.

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