2012 Lotus Elise could be sold as a Caterham

Lotus Elise

There have been a number of engineers that have worked for Lotus throughout the years and now it seems that some of those ex-employees have joined forces to start a private company at the Hethel Engineering Center. Their plan is to create a new model - name undecided - based on an Elise chassis and powered by a Renaultsport engine/transmission. The most interesting fact is that this new model will be launched under the Caterham name next year.

The new Elise look-alike will featuring unique bodywork and, according to numerous sources, will allow Group Lotus to move forward with its larger, upscale Elise project, while the current model will be turned over to Tony Fernandes and the boys at Caterham.

It is also believed that this will only be the first joint effort between the two companies and that Fernandes will eventually take control of Lotus and run Caterham and Group Lotus as complimentary companies.

Source: Aronline


I can absolutely say that this Elise is really an attractive and looking great on its design and platform, but I hope they also include some pictures of its interior. Anyway, I’m glad that it had an impressive engine.

The two-color options of this Lotus Elise is really looking great on it. I absolutely love the aesthetic but unique platform design and other detailing, but I can say that I am quite curious on its engine.

This car is also made to display angst. This car will look great on red paint finish. I bet this has great interior features equally boasting as its exterior architecture.

Well, this Elise was oozing with car appeal, and I love the hygienic body paint that it had. I just hope that they would really put this one on the market production because I would also love to have this for myself. smiley

Impressive car. Post interior image to see the great features of interior of this car. Btw, The style of this car is great and the design. I don’t know if the performance of this car is great.

Compare to other convertible cars this has more edges and will definitely give a good fight in all aspects such as car engine specs, aesthetic and more.

Good luck for the first ever joint venture of those two companies.. Good idea, merging of two companies is a great way to build a much better product! Good job! I’m excited to see it’s finish product.

I’m impressed with this look a like of Elise, well these two cars are both interesting and very appealing for me. I also noticed that they are both have their own angst and aggressiveness which impress me a lot, I must say that I will surely wait for this.

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