2012 Mercedes ML prototype involved in fatal crash

A 2012 Mercedes ML-Class testing ended in tragedy: a man killed and more cars destroyed. The incident happened on the Autobahn A81 near Rottweil, Germany on April 23rd. A 52-year-old Daimler employee was testing a 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class prototype SUV when he killed a 26-year-old man exiting his vehicle.

It seems that the younger man was involved in a minor accident only minutes before when he collided with the guardrail after there was a small malfunction with his car. Two good samaritans had stopped to help him when all of a sudden, the Mercedes SUV came down the road traveling at a high speed and struck the 26-year-old’s vehicle and a third car at the scene. The SUV then proceeded to flip over on its hood and travel an additional 250 feet.

The young man was killed upon impact and the Daimler driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Neither of the good Samaritans were treated at the hospital for any injuries. Police are still investigating the accident to determine what the cause of it was and who was at fault.

Our thoughts are with the unfortunate victims involved in this accident as well as with their families.

Source: WCF


There are already perfectly good AMG convertibles so this car is pointless without the doors. The only thing that makes this car unique and desirable is the doors. Other than that why would you not just buy a CL63 or 65 or an SL63 or 65 or even go for an SL65 Black

Some of this stuff is so futuristic or far fetched. If they’re dreaming up uninvented fuels and materials, what not just design a Jetson’s car and make it fly?

First of all I am well aware that the original 300SL had a convertible that did not have gullwing doors. However that was back then and this is now. To try to compare the current line up of cars to the ones back then is inane.

wow the SLS is one hell of a serious racer, can you imagine how much power those 510 ponies can give to the wheels?

In Europe the cars prices if you convert their currency to $$ it will be more than the price in the US, in US the ML63 costs around $97k

looks like photo-shop. Not a bit of dirt or snow on dark vehicle. Suspect.

Wow, that does not look good. I know, that is some serious but the overall shape is not flattering, reminds of the previous gen Equinox, or any random cheap midsize SUV.

This is really a sad and tragic incident. Not to mention the 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class prototype SUV is one of the best models of Mercedes-Benz.

I am very sorry for the victims of this accident. I also can see how solid and rigid is the new model of Mercedes ML as always great safety and quality.

The prototype is wasted, oh well good thing that it’s still a prototype with that they’ll know what’s missing with the ML.

Condolence to the family of their lost ones. Accidents do happen sometimes, lets just hope it wont happen again next time.

Ouch, what the hell happened to the ML class. sometimes driving a prototype is really dangerous because you’ll never know what might happened.

That was not right, the driver is so careless. Maybe next time be careful so that no one risk a life with a car which is out of control.

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