2012 MINI Cowley Caravan

In case you haven’t noticed over the past couple of years, it’s important to understand that when it comes to MINI , there’s nothing in the realm of imagination that these guys aren’t afraid to pursue.

The BMW-owned company has never been a shy about its quirky approach in their marketing exploits, as well as in building concepts, special editions, and everything else in between. And as if to continue in that trend, MINI has released a couple of new models that are, safe to say, unlike anything else anybody’s ever built.

One of the models is called the MINI Cowley Caravan, a model that was based on the Countryman , and comes with pretty much everything you need to build an impromptu camp site.

There are two welcoming sleeping berths, a twin-burner gas-stove, a water tank with its own pump and dish-washing facility, a solar module to charge the on-board battery, and a 230-volt power connection that serves as the power source for - get this - the refrigerator, the TV/DVD, and hi-fi stereo system.

The words "MINI" and "contemporary" have very few similarities between them, and you don’t need to look further than the Cowley Caravan as proof of that. Despite being a separate apparatus in its own right, the eye-catching trailer is still only 12 centimeters - that’s under five inches - wider than a MINI Clubman and weighs just under 300 kilograms - 661 lb - making it svelte enough to be towed around by the Countryman, thus turning it into a true road companion whenever and wherever you go.

And by the way, we are 100% sure that this was a clever April Fool’s Day joke from the automaker. Well played, Mini.


For your information, it’s unpractical and inconvenient to use something like that.

I like it swear. If I can’t make it to go home, I’ll just go and sleep at the trailer behind. I wish this was not only a joke.

I’m afraid that its link will gradually break.

What am I going to do with the storage-on-wheels trailing behind? It’s just a load that will make my driving slower due to the carriage.

It’s such a shame that this joke is actually useful.

So this is a joke? Could there be any ways to have this? Well, it’s not bad to have one. I like camping and what I want for a car is its storage capacity and multi-purpose. So I must say I’m impressed with the idea, and I hope they’ll produce some of this.

People are even seeing the use of this joke, how awesome.

I cannot fathom the absurdity in this car.

I can’t believe that some are still falling for this absolute prank.

It’s funny how this joke seems to stir a real interest among MINI enthusiasts who have actually liked the concept.

Even if it was only a joke, I bet it caught plenty of people’s interest. Yes, it is absurd and most unlikely to be dragged on and off roads, but the notion is cute!

It’s only appropriate to use if it were a camping. You don’t actually expect people to use it for expeditions.

This is downright absurd, and an obvious prank.

Come to think of it, this is greatly purposeful. The thing is that it is sloppily and cheaply designed. If Mini was to produce something of this function, they should have manufactured a one-figured MPV.

Nice one! Only if this were produced, LOL, this would be ideal for picnics and such trips.

They are small but terrible! I’m sure that people will not snob this one because it’s very functional.

I still don’t get if this is an April Fool’s joke or not, but this made my day! smiley If it’s truthfully going to be distributed, I’m sure plenty of people will actually buy it considering it is greatly functional.

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