2012 VW Beetle Commercial: Relax Guys, it's Okay to Drive One

Seemingly every car has a stigma attached to it. Some make their driver look like he has a big ego, some are classified for country folk, and some cars even get tagged with a specific gender. Yup, how many guys do you see driving a Miata ? Not too many, unless you happen to know me – hey, it’s a Mazdaspeed MX-5 , leave me alone. The Volkswagen New Beetle was another car that got stuck with the “chick’s car” label, and rightfully so. C’mon, there is a flower vase in the dashboard…

In 2012, VW redesigned the beetle, giving it a lower profile and elongated hood, which makes it look stouter, flower vase and all. On top of the more “manly” look, VW also targeted men in particular in 2012 Beetle ads. The two ads that stick out most are the “Slap five” and “Thanks for flying Volkswagen,” both of which are directly aimed at men – the former more than the latter. I guess fist bumping and high-fiving random dudes and one pretty woman makes the Beetle manly. Hmm…

Regardless of my opinion on it, this campaign worked. Since September 2011, 49% of all 2012 Beetle buyers were men. That’s nearly one-third more than last year. Apparently, Volkswagen knows a thing or two about how men’s brains work and aren’t afraid to blatantly go after what it wants. One mind trick VW pulled over men’s eyes was to focus mostly on the turbocharged models, tugging away at our weakest point, raw power. I wonder what people would think of me if I decided to trade my Miata for a Beetle.


It doesn’t really look girly, it looks like they just squashed the old beetle; just not enough to make it look like a Porsche. Not that I’d like it if it looked like a Porsche. Yech. smiley

Guys fuss too much over petty things, and that’s what’s actually more girly.

People tend always to be judgemental, not as a whole, but most of it. The buyers tend to buy cars which they knew that they will look definitely best at it. So at some point, men driving like this car is more prone to cynicism. 

Guys like me couldn’t drive a car like that. I might encounter many bullies when they saw me driving that one. 

How am I supposed to drive this one if it looks very girl thing in the first place? Well, I know that this will be in favor of the girls.

Guys are too conscious about their image; I think it’s okay since this really mostly side with the women.

It is true that this mostly favors women, but does it make sense that guys dislike it for that?

It still has a masculine feel to it somehow. Only the cutesy depicts the feminine side, right?

Why should you judge a man according to the car he drives anyway? If that’s the case, in my opinion, any man I’d see driving this would have a neat and sophisticated image.

Guys shouldn’t be afraid on driving this. Come to think of it, the Beetle is still fashionable and popular, no matter how sexist it can get.

So they squashed the beetle... Isn’t that how Ferdinand Porsche designed the first Porsche 911?

I remember when they released the new Beetle back in the late 90s. I saw one in a music video, which was driven by Many Moore. Since then, a lot of females started to use this car.

LOL. Honestly, this Beetle looks bisexual to me. The fascia seems like a naive lady, and the rear seems like an aggressive man. This should appeal greatly to any gender; its overall appearance is neat.

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