2014 Corvette C7 fascia revealed in digital renderings

The next generation Chevrolet Corvette - the C7 - is expected to arrive for the 2014 model year and until now Chevrolet has done an amazing job in keeping its design language a secret. This, however, hasn’t stopped us from imagining what the model would look like, especially since the company has stated that it will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Now, automotive supplier Omega Tool Corp. has released an awesome video that reveals some digital renderings of the next C7’s front fascia. Of course, shortly after being placed online, the video was removed, but not before some screen shots of the next Corvette were taken from it!

These renderings reveal that the next Corvette will get the famous Corvette pointy-nosed face and redesigned headlamps. The rest, well... you will have to imagine it!

It’s only a tad bit more information than we had before, bur at least it’s something. As of yet, nothing else has been released, including the engine specs. Rumors state that C7 Corvette will be powered by either a 6.2-liter engine mated to a seven-speed manual transmission or a 5.5 liter V8 with 440 HP.

Source: Autoblog


When will they release more details on its fascia?

I think that they should also put pictures of its engine and interior design because it’s hard to judge a car using this one piece of photo.

The front fascia looks better than its standard. I’m still puzzled with the engine they are going to install.

I hope to see more of its front fascia in days to come.

The features are simply irresistible.Wow, they are fast enough to have screened shots of it. The front fascia seems very alluring in the eyes, when will they release some final plans for its exterior?

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