2015 DC Design Avanti

After a barely revealing teaser image of their new supercar, DC Design of India has debuted its Avanti supercar at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The Avanti - whose name is a reference to the Studbaker Avanti from Tintin comics - will be put on sale at a starting price of $56,277. Initially, DC Design will only build 200 units per year, but it hopes to gradually increase production to about 2,000 units a year.

The new Avanti looks to have taken its design inspiration from vehicles like the Ferrari 458 Italia or the latest array of Lotus concepts with its aerodynamic slopes and aggressive angles, but its performance figures are far from the realm of these popular supercars.

Initially, it will be powered by a Ford four-cylinder turbo engine that delivers a total of 265 horsepower, mated to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission. Even its weight is too far off, especially considering that its body is made of aluminum and its body panels in fiberglass. It weighs in at 3,440 pounds, which allows the drivetrain to sprint the Avanti from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds.

If DC Design would have promised a really cool sports car and delivered the Avanti, then we would have been excited about it. As of right now, the only thing supercar-like for this vehicle is the outlandish look, and that’s not something everyone will enjoy.

Next time, it may be better for them to under-promise and over-deliver.

UPDATE 5/1/2013: Per a report from Economic Times of India, DC Design plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Sanand, Ahmedabad district in Gujarat state, India. We expect this site to be the new production site for the Avanti, which means a production model may finally be right around the corner.


I think the car has a great design and is also very appealing. My only problem would be the weight and the underpowered eco boost 4 cylinder displacement. Why not use an EJ257 motor? It wouldn’t have even increased the price of the car!

i think that it is the cheapest supercar of india

Only its color is appealing, nothing else.

It is evident that they’ve really worked hard on this; the exterior is extremely looking elegant and gorgeous.

Its silhouette and contours alone give this Avanti a flawless appeal. There’s no need for more elaborate detailing.

This car is very stylish, and it has a strong commercial value. The developers were inspired, and they have put their inspirations together to create this beauty.

I like its red color! Moreover, the curves and edges added more attractions to this car.

I didn’t like the way it looks, but I like red devilish color they put to the car. It has a strong commercial appeal to it.

It looks like Lamborghini’s concept but it differs on body paint because of its unique lining making it very attractive to look. This will preferably a super car at it’s best.

It’s very powerful on platform design. This Avanti has a great concept other’s don’t have. I’m pretty sure this car will be on top list and a best selling car of the year.

I love how it was painted like the paints of Ferrari. The headlamps was great in LED. It looks luscious in this photo.

Whoa. Nice car to have in my dreams. The headlights looks like stars brighten the dim sky night. The glossy red paint make sit more of a Ferrari. 7 Seconds sprinting is not bad as long as it can speed-up into 60mph.

It has a new innovation of exterior design and it looks great. The car has effective aerodynamic slopes and nice angles to add aggressiveness to its appearance. But the cars performance needed to be improved.

Wow! Looks very hot and powerful on its red body paint making it an elegant one. Good engine specs as well. i am truly amazed with the exterior design,looks very fascinating. I think this will gonna rule the road.

The design model really captures my attention especially the body paint and the front view itself. Looks so very powerful on its platform design. The engine specs is very good making it an awesome one. This Avanti is really a whole package.

This car looks powerful on that platform. But I found it very sloppy on its front hood design. Too mouthed as I must say. But its red body paint speaks for it much better. Good engine specs as well.

This Avanti is really a whole package! With that stunning color red paint and outstanding design, from hood to bumper, this one really rocks! And the speed performance is quite good also.

Wow!! Avanti really looks fascinating on its looks but i think it’s been too much. Too much yet simple, that’s what I can see on this car. Cool engine too!

DC designs first car looks good enough...... well, it should run as good as it looks.But why did it take the honda V6
why not the Toyota LandCruiser V8 engine?
I mean it is a supercar.....

Wow! Avanti was the first awesome vehicle that I saw today! I must say that I’m so amaze with the exterior design of this one and it was truly oozing with angst and aggressiveness on that detailing. It’s a good thing as well that it has a very powerful engine specs.

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