24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture to be unveiled at Pebble Beach

By now, you’re probably familiar with the works of Swiss artist Dante. If you recall, he’s the guy that makes those obscenely expensive car sculptures that retail for about the same price as high-performance sports cars. One of his previous works - a wire sculpture of the Aston Martin DB5 - has already graced our pages before, which came with a price of £88,000, about $144,000 based on current exchange rates.

Now, the artist is back with his new creation and the third piece of his Iconic Sports Cars: a 24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture that is scheduled to be revealed in Pebble Beach, California next month.

According to Dante, these sculptures are "my tribute to the men who made the original cars: they were artists."

There’s no telling how much this 24-karat 250 GTO is going to cost, but we expect it to retail for around the same price the aforementioned DB5 and the other sculpture, one featuring the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing , commanded when they hit the market.

The 24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO will be limited to only ten pieces and will be unveiled at the same time that Pebble Beach will be celebrating the real deal with an exhibit of the world’s remaining 250 GTOs.

"One of the most important reasons for my coming to Pebble Beach is the celebration of the Ferrari 250 GTO and the number of original cars being shown," said Dante. "It is my favorite car of all time.”


The sculptured body of the Ferrari 250 GTO is really amazing! If ever he built this car it surely cost very expensive. It will mark the history for using a 24-karat gold on a vehicle.

i also want to experience seeing this sculpture. I wonder if it still on Pebble Beach. if it is, well, those tourists are really lucky to get a sight on it.

Me too! I want to see this sculpture for real. But try to think of it, whole Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture made of gold? It is to be doubt but maybe only the inner part will be using real gold.

Wow! I cannot wait to see this car. Nice job for the designer of this car. How many months or years to finish this kind of amazing car?

I think this will not be created. It is far from reality. Where do you think the designer will get those buckets of gold? I’m sure that this model will be a single creation and should be displayed at the museums.

Great! This one is a must see to everyone! I’m excited how it would look like after it has been created!

This will surely be a limited edition since this sculpture is made of gold. I wonder where Dante got that gold to create that kind of tribute. This is really an amazing one that only wealthy man can afford.

His work is quite amazing and impressive! I bet it take a long time before he finished his project. I wonder if he work with a team or he do all the job all by himself? This is really what you call an art!

His masterpiece look so great on pictures, I wonder on how it is on the actual figure? The wire sculpture is kind of impressive for it really shows his artistic side and creativity. For his 24-karat Ferrari 250 GTO sculpture, I’m really amazed for gold is harder to mold unlike the wire. Is he planning to host an exhibit for his work? I would love to see them for real.

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