33% rise in new model sales.

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Growth in the demand for western lifestyle see’s Toyota predicting a huge 33% increase in sales for the 2007.

China marketplace for Toyota Motor Corp
As with many other products, China is set to become a major player in the global automotive market, this emerging marketplace is the hunting ground for many household brand names which we i the west seem to take for granted. It is never the less sometimes difficult for us to think of a country of China’s size being under developed yet it was not many years ago that this was true, however the change of attitude to embrace the business world particularly the entrepreneur spirit only associated normally with the west has completely changed the way that business see’s China and its people.

Toyota Motor Corp obviously from Japan are one business’s that are reaping the rewards of Chinas change of heart and are looking to a predicted 33 percent increase in car sales for the 2007 to 400,000 a figure that would have been laughable a few years ago, yet the company has plants building nine models along with research centres that are working on new hybrid technology and another working on safety.

The new Corolla roles off of the production line in the middle of 2007, clearly this will boost the Toyota sales, but it is quite an achievement for both the car company and the Chinese, this is most defiantly the way of the future and we can expect the Chinese marketplace to grow on a year by year basis.

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