$350,000 for 007's wrecked Aston Martin

A Bond fan paid $350,000 for 007’s wrecked DBS (about $120,000 more than a new DBS would cost) that crashed into an Italian lake . The car didn’t even die a cool Bond-like death (like chasing a beautiful villainess on a winding road, and hitting the ejector seat moments before the car hits the water). Instead, a stuntman lost control of the car on his way to the set of the new flick Quantum of Solstice.

007 star Daniel Craig revealed the remains of the wrecked/soaked car ended up in a collector’s hands. "I think somebody paid about £200,000 for this written off Aston Martin," Craig tells the Glasgow Daily Record. "It was a Bond aficionado."

If the collector wanted to to get closer to James Bond, shouldn’t he have known just to buy the new DBS and take the $120,000 saving to use for a year’s supply of martinis?

Source: Luxist


I don’t think Craig even drove this car so technically its not even a Bond vehicle. The guy should have bought a regular DBS and asked all the Bonds to sign it.

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