7-year-old crashes car into 2 houses

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Yesterday after noon in Trotwood, Ohio, a 7-year-olod girl drove her mother’s car into 2 houses. The girl had no injuries, but the two houses suffered from several damages.

According to police in suburban Trotwood, the little girl took her mother’s car keys and backed out their convertible out of the driveway. She backed out of the driveway to far and ended up backing into their neighbor’s house across the street.

She is a smart girl, because she then shifted the car into drive, and then slammed the car into her own home. The bad news is her mother was in the house; the good news is that the mother came out with not injuries.

According to Police Sergeant Fred Beck, there were only minor damages to the house, but the neighbor’s house had several thousands of dollars in damage. The owner of the house was not home; in fact Sergeant Beck says that it appeared that the house is vacant.

This is the mother’s fault just as much as the seven years old. The big question is what enticed the child to get in the car and drive off in the first place? I would have been so scared of my mom killing me for even moving the car.

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