715 hp BMW X6 M by Nowack Motors

Never heard of Nowack Motors? Don’t worry, you are not the only one! But with a 715 hp tuning program for the new BMW X6 M , we had to write about it! And to obtain that incredible output the tuner modified the turbochargers, added high performance exhaust manifolds, installed motorsport catalytic converters, and reprogrammed the ECU module. The result? 715 hp and a peak torque of 845 Nm.

Besides the engine upgrade the tuner is also offering a 22" Nowack Motors light alloy wheels, a high efficiency brake system (front and rear axle) and various different suspension upgrades, but also the finest Scottish leather available, various multimedia applications as well as High-end HiFi-systems for the interior.


That was a lot of horses under the hood. Nowak was really mad with the X6.

I’m very positive that I’ve seen this design before, I know because the exterior is commonly seen on other cars. But the Hp is extravagantly impressive.

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