9ff GT9R

Because 9ff’s 253 mph GT9 was just to pedestrian, the 9ff people are rumored to be going back to the drawing board for more speed. If the GT9R can add a few miles to its top speed, it just may capture the production car top speed crown (set at 256 mph by SSC Aero Twin-Turbo .)

There are no other details at the moment, but the guys over at Supercars.net assembled what they think it will look like. This includes a new wing, an updated front facia, front splitter, wheel well extractors, brake cooling ducts, side exhaust and a distinctive roof-mounted air scoop.

When we know more, you’ll know more.

Source: Supercars


9ff just announced on their UAE website that they will be building a limited run of 3 GT9-R Convertibles. Thats just amazing ... a 256MPH Cabrio.

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