A 350 MPH School Bus?

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With school about to get under way, what better way to show up on the first day than on a bus with fire coming out of the back? This may not be the safest way to travel, but it does make the school bus journey be fun again while eliminating the torturous normal journey that it usually is.

Paul Stender and IndyBoys Inc created this fire-shooting school bus and it packs a whopping 42,000 horsepower from its GE J-79 jet engine that is used on F4 Phantoms. Sadly, the bus did lose some of its hauling capacity, as only three people can sit inside. Not to mention it shoots 75-foot flames out of the back.

According to the IndyBoys website, the bus was able to hit 350 miles per hour, but we can’t imagine anybody would be willing to actually hit that sort of speed.

The Telegraph quoted Stender as he explained the reason for the bus. "I built the bus for two reasons. The first is to entertain people because, come on; it’s a jet bus. The second is to keep kids off drugs. Jets are hot, drugs are not."

Well done sir.

Source: CNET


42000 horsepower is really high! It would be thrilling to experience riding this bus! Not only it is hot on wheels; it’s literally burning.

The car has unbelievable speed of 42,000 horse power and has a jet engine. But it’s not advisable for kids to ride this school bus because of its speed that may cause accident.

This school bus is definitely so cool on its speed performance, but I think it is too dangerous for the kids to rid on this. Anyway, good thing that it can’t accompany lots of people inside it. smiley

42,000 horsepower is really so cool with this school, but and I wonder if who’s idea is this one? Well, he truly deserves a compliment but let’s face the fact that we can’t use this one in real life.

Ha-ha that was really so cool! I’d love adventures, so I would really love to know if what’s the feeling to drive or to ride on this bus! smiley Anyway, I’m so impressed with its 42,000 horsepower, that is really the HP that a real sports car needed, kidding!

Riding in this school bus is seems so exciting! I wonder if what will be the feeling to ride on this one, hahaha it doesn’t really matter at all if how dangerous it is.

I’m still in the right mind that’s why I would not dare to ride on this crazy school bus ahahahaha I bet the passengers of this bus will surely feel so nervous and frightened, but I must say that I’m impressed with its engine. smiley

hahaha even me, I wouldn’t take the risk to ride on this strange school bus! It’s better to be too late on my work or any appointment than to ride on this bus.

This is not really the safest way to travel! I wouldn’t dare to ride on this school bus even if I’m already late in my class. But I must say that I’m impressed with the craziness to the person who thought this idea. It is such a cool and crazy idea. smiley

I would not take the risk the life of my kids, they would probably not late in going to their school, I still can’t! It’s too risky and dangerous. It is too weird and really strange school bus! I wonder if who are the automaker of this. They must be crazy, I guess! smiley

My kids would probably not be late in school anymore with this. A 42,000 horsepower is such a huge and risky one, yet they launched it well.

Of Course. Corvette will be nothing with this one. Even the new Nissan car having a world record will be beaten by this. I wonder who created this one. I think he just want to be in public. I want to know why he made this stuff. It is very dangerous, and the government must not allow this bus!

Even the Corvette has no match with the speed performance of this jet engine! Hell, I would say that the power of the car is too much and quite dangerous.

Yeah, I bet everyone that wants a lot of action would love to ride on this vehicle! The power output of the car is freaking awesome!

I wouldn’t dare to drive this one. It can start a fire. By the way, I was amazed with the average speed of the car. 350 mph?! I wonder if students will ride with this one. I’m pretty sure they will be scared. HAHA!

the best bus ever!I would love to drive the thing....hell who wouldnt?!

Well, the reason why this car was built is quite reasonable. However, I would better see a smokey burnout rather than a flaming exhaust is very dangerous! And I think too much power in the vehicle might cause its explosion or any fatal accident.

haha. I just remember the Jet truck that was featured here at TopSpeed. For sure this bus will be banned in the public road. If ever this vehicle was on the road it will definitely burn all the car next to him.

Yeah, Same thing here. It will be prohibited. A big NO for this one, it can burn those cars behind it. It is only for those absurd thinker people. However, a 350 MPH for a bus is some kind of impossible.

Well, I don’t think that this vehicle would be prohibited in the road. Although it has an impressive performance. The flaming exhaust and smoky tire would be a big no for safety.

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