A BMW X4 with an M version in the works

The first rumors of a BMW X4 started back in 2008, but this year the rumors have gotten even stronger. Now we get an almost official confirmation: BMW officials in Hamburg said that a smaller, more affordable X4 model has apparently been on the drawing board in Munich for some time now. The car will be built as BMW’s response to the new Range Rover Evoque .

The next BMW X4 will be built on the same platform as the second-generation X3 and will be powered by the same engines as the X3 , but with a few power improvements. There will be a 2-liter diesel engine that will deliver 177 hp, a 3-liter diesel that will deliver 231 hp, and the turbo version that will deliver 300 hp. The petrol engine will start from a 2-liter four-cylinder engine that will deliver 163 hp and will go up to a 3-liter turbo engine that will deliver 306 hp.

Another version, most likely for an X4 M model is the engine from the upcoming 1-series M Coupe: a 350bhp twin-turbo 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder mated to an eight speed automatic.

Source: Autocar


It is a sports car. The M version has a stiff suspension and low MPG... a car to be driven for pleasure, top down, in fine weather. To leave garaged until one feels the urge for fun..

Great styling outside and in, power, balance, great to drive fast both straight and around the curves. Take note however, as a second car, it’s fun, but not recommended as a primary mode of transport.

always going on about Porsche, the 911 and the Panamera. Now look where his precious Ferrari is financially vs. Porsche

@Donner: will you stop spamming here!

I’d love to know the answer to that as well. I will be very disappointed to see an M badge on anything that begins with X in BMW’s lineup. Those two letters just don’t line up in my mind. Everything that the M pedigree stands for just doesn’t include big vehicles like X’s. Regardless of how awesome the X M’s will be, I just don’t feel it’s the right thing to do.

Besides, how great the success of the X 6 is, can see e.g. Italy, where it is the bestseller among the great SUVs...

Since the Range Rover Evoque will come as a 3 doors, it would be an interesting alternative to see a BMW X 4 as a "true" 3 doors coupé, too.

There exists a historical ancestor: The AMC Eagle Coupé

- it was not so great a success, but the times, they are a-changingsmiley...

Well, SUVs do sell in greater numbers than 2-seat convertibles.

lovely, it looks more like a hatchback to me.. but it’s design is kinda cute.

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