A Father Trying to Keep a Promise to his Dying Son by Organizing An Awesome Car Show

Ferrari 599 GTO

There is nothing that a parent fears in his or her life more than the possibility of their child facing death. A Subaru enthusiast in England is facing just that, as his 11-year-old son, who has beaten cancer twice, now has an inoperable tumor in his brain that leaves him with just four weeks to live.

Just before the son was diagnosed, Scott, the son’s father, had promised him that they would organize a big car meet at some time. Now that there may be only four weeks left in this child’s life, Scott has decided to post an open invitation on Scooby Net (a Subaru enthusiast board) to anyone with a custom or cool car to gather at a nearby parking lot on September 8th at 1 p.m. for a show.

So far this viral attempt has taken off, as there are 270 cars registered for the event, and several of our colleagues, including Jalopnik, Piston Heads, and M5 Boards are all spreading the word. Even Chris Harris is getting in on it. He cannot personally make it, but he is finding a way to get his Ferrari 599 to the show. There has also been a PayPal account setup that will accept donations, which will go directly to the Children’’s Cancer Fund. The address for the Paypal account is scottharrison10@sky.com.

The Show is set to be hosted at Fred Lawton Ltd, Meltham Mills Industrial Estate, Meltham Huddersfield, HD9 4AY, but it might have to be moved elsewhere because of the growing number of cars registering. We will keep you updated on the exact location if it does move.

So if any of our readers across the pond have a nice ride, feel free to pop into the thread on Scooby Net and register your car. They are accepting all sorts of high-performance and custom cars. Let’s all chip in and give this young man a memorable show!

Also, for anyone looking to participate in this event, Scott asks that you DO NOT mention the terminal illness to his son. They are not telling him until the time is closer, as they want him to enjoy the final month of his life.

Source: Jalopnik


At least almost 300 cars participated on that event and thanks to the sincerity of the father to give his son what his son is requesting.

That is the real father. He will do everything for the sake and benefit of his beloved son.

That is an evidence that a father will do everything for his son and love is unconditional. I’m glad that several cars participated on that event.

Wiow, that’s very touching. Well I have my sincerest sympathy on the father. He’s great to keep his promise on his son.

What a good father he is. Spending money for a car show is only a penny compare to the life of his dying son.

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