A french will come - Laguna 3

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The Renault Laguna is one of the first modern family car produced by the French manufacturer Renault. The Laguna II had a small facelift in March 2005, but after almost 7 years of production the second generation should be removed from production soon.

The new Laguna III is scheduled to appear in 2007 (probably at the Frankfurt Motor Show). The third generation is a all new car, being developed under the code name X91.

Renault is trying to make from the new five door sedan a premium model by improving the quality. The current model is under decline because the quality decreased considerably.

So they will try to steal the clients from the VW-Passat and from the next Ford Mondeo. The future model will measure 10 cm more in overall length than its predecessor.

The body will be more modern due to the major styling changes. The chassis and the suspensions will be updated,for improved dynamic performances. The full-range of engines will be available,with powers ranging from 115 to 245 HP in diesel and petrol variants.

A V6 3.5 litre engine from Velsatis and Espace should be offered later.

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