A look inside Jay Leno's "garage"

A look inside Jay Leno's "garage"

Nobody needs to remind us just how much of a car enthusiast Jay Leno is. The man collects cars the same way we collect shoes - only that he has infinitesimally more vehicles than we probably have footwear.

We’ve wondered long and hard thinking about what Leno’s garage looks like and now, we have an answer.

Suffice to say, the place resembles more a museum than an actual garage but then again, we shouldn’t be surprised anymore, given the fact that it’s Jay Leno’s.

Source: Jalopnik


With all the cars in his garage or museum or whatever, can we actually call him a collector/car enthusiast or does he just have so much money that he don’t know what to do with it so he buys all this cars? Has he actually driven and enjoyed the pleasure of being behind the wheels of this rides?

Yeah I agree with you that a lot of this cars are that expensive especially the first picture that have a Mercedes SLS AMG that is masked by red matte carbon on the back of Jay Leno. Really wealthy guy to collect so many cars and I think some of the people there really salivating on his collection.

Are we still allowed to call it a garage or should we call it a car’s home. I have heard about him being an avid car collector but I didn’t think that his collection was this much and was this extensive. I wonder how much everything is worth.

As I know about Jay Leno, he’s a funny man and I didn’t think that he has a serious side of collecting cars. But as for me to say, his collection is too shocking because a lot of them are too expensive.

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