A Mazda Driver went too far with the Nitro

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This driver went too far with the Nitro, look what he end up doing to the back of his Mazda RX7!!!


Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own a car, dont you think?!

thank to Jo0 for the tip, here is the youtube:


That was not nitrous, nitrous burns very quickly in the engine you retards. That was some kind of trick flame from his muffler that went wrong, your all tards...

That is what happens when you strap a rocket booster on an import trying to catch American muscle.lmao

It’s a photoshop you noobs, notice how the wing melted, yet strangely the tail, lights and the plastic strip across the back escapes unscathed?

lol all you little street racing / rice rocket fags shouldn’t be allowed to own cars.

I am a Mazda guy (I have owned 9 RX7s) and NEVER seen anything like that. I do have to say I am around more intelligent individuals and well we don’t waste time with NO2 as it can do lots of damage to your motor. All I have to say in the the end.... wow what a tard.

freaking awesome

that doesnt happen noobs


he needs a bumper sticker ’ please step back, watch for the flames’ smiley

thats worse than my car honda civic tubor310hp burned front end

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