A new electric car concept

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A new electric personal vehicle concept tries to convince the car makers to think about a cleaner type of car.

A new electric car concept

This compact and clean electric vehicle, designed by Sergio Luna, forgets about all the aspects of the modern car and uses a pod-like exo-skeleton to create something that looks more like a ball than a car. Inspired by the Segway vehicle this concept has only two wheels, and a panoramic roof that is also the front window. It can accommodate one person that, looking at the pictures, I can’t imagine how he will get in.

The car is powered by four electric motors, two in each wheel, but it also has batteries for keeping the energy.

Source: Tuvie


This egg-looking electric car is very cute. It looks like the space capsule in the Cragon Ball cartoon. It’s very strange but good-looking.

The automobile looks like a ball. It’s two wheels made the car to look unstable. The vehicle platform features modern style.

Ha-ha! Babies crib indeed because on its platform! Anyway, I would admit that it can really catch lots of attention on its unique platform, and I feel so excited to see and try driving this electric car! smiley

Wow! I thought it babies crib! smiley It looks so unique that’s why I really wonder if it is existing even on museum. Anyway, I would truly love it to be our future vehicle! smiley

No kidding, is it really a car? Hahaha Well, if it is, it doesn’t look like a car! It is cute, but this kind of concept is so unreliable aside from the fact that it is an electric car and the platform really not true or right.

It is a good concept, but I agree that it could the start of accidents. This is too small for a car. Talking about the taxi stand giro, they are almost the same but not quite. I noticed that giro is some kind of box, and they also differ in color.

I’ve heard of this one late last year, segway to be turned into a car. Haha, and now they’re really planning on doing it.

Well, if it were used in parks and in places where carts or something small are used like in golf, this maybe of a great use, but other than that, it is very dangerous to use on roads and highways. Specially in places where there are big trucks on high speed.

Well, IMO this concept car, will stay as a concept car. I mean come on, how dangerous would it be to be in a highway with this small thing? Wouldn’t it roll or something once you are in high speed and you need to break hard? How far would it go if it gets bump or something. It will like like watching pinball or something.

I am affraid to say, that this is not an innovative concept. In 2007, portuguese students have designed an electric car using "segway" tecnology, to present it at the contest "taxi stand".
It is not possible to post the link here, so go to google and search for:

taxi stand giro

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