A Sweet Goodbye to the Chrysler PT Cruiser

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The car that seemed to be the center of all jokes is finally reaching the end of its production run. The last Chrysler PT Cruiser will be rolling off the assembly line in less than two weeks.

When it was first launched, thePT Cruiser was a brilliant little car, unique in every sort of way. The car went on sale in 2000 during the American SUV craze. The retro design, like the New Beetle , made it a massive sales success. In fact, the car sold well beyond anything Chrysler could have imagined.

"For a while, it was the best-selling Chrysler -brand vehicle," said Jim Hall, managing director of 2953 Analytics, a Birmingham consultancy.

On July 9, the car’s last day, Chrysler will have sold over 1.3 million PT Cruisers. The PT was the first of many retro vehicles, including the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper . The simply average base model eventually grew into a turbo GT version, a convertible and a dozen or so special editions.

Despite the poor build quality and the horrendous handling, the car continued to sell well, even though Chrysler never refreshed the look or the features.

"It’s plugged along and still has a loyal fan base," Hall said.

Though the car is in its final days we still have so many questions. If Chrysler had actually updated and made the PT better, what would have come of it?



I find it kind of smart move from the Chrysler to kill the production of the vehicle since its not competitive at all! For sure this vehicle is just a waste of time and effort. And with the various option and incredible production in the market. I bet no one would ever look on this car! Just my opinion.

haha. I don’t like the platform of this vehicle! The front looks so vintage! And I think this is far from the modern styling of the Chrysler.

Goodbye, you will not be missed at all!!!!

Hopefully, there’ll be a special edition but a more enhanced and sophisticated.

I doubt that, it’s year of production has reached the end line I bet they are now preparing to release the new models.

It’s been murdered by its creators’ foolhardiness in going to the federal government with their hands out and somehow not expecting a takeover of the company. A majorly poor strategy and judgment.

The last Chrysler PT Cruiser will be rolling off the assembly line in less than two weeks.

dang .. this is not a good news. PT is one of my fave car. I really don’t know why Chrysler needed to stop it’s production.

Why? I bet they are ready to release a new model that’s why they are putting an end to it.

how´╗┐ can it be wen u were driving?
i think u were parked somewhere under a tree enjoying the wind right?
did u get hurt?

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