A time-lapse video of the making of a BMW Z4 E89 GT3

Whatever the type of car you build, whether its for mass production or for motor racing purposes, one thing holds true: building one takes some serious work from a dedicated group of people.

In addition to the laborious manual work involved in building a car, it also takes time. You can’t just throw all the parts together and hope that the car magically runs after that. It doesn’t work that way. Fortunately, through the magic of time-lapse technology, you can actually see the entire build from the ground up in just a matter of minutes.

The folks over at WestCoastRacing took to task in building a BMW Z4 GT3 from its humble beginnings as a body shell into a 500 horsepower beast. Using parts that were received from BMW Motors W Motors port, WestCoastRacing took up the task of working on the car, spending 600 hours of work to piece together the entire sports car. The end product, as you can see, is a fine piece of machinery that presumably weights less than 1,200 kilos and uses a 4.4-liter engine that produces over 500 ponies.

And thanks to time-lapse technology, we can watch the entire manual production build in just over three minutes.


So that’s how the do this magnificent car.

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