A very special Audi RS4: Romero Britto guest stars

Audi has got a new body for the A4 . With the new RS4 due in 2010 , and tough economic times, how is an Audi dealership supposed to get rid of its current supply of the old-style $67,000 sports sedan?

A very special Audi RS4: Romero Britto guest stars

Good idea: use tall inflatable manlike statute to flail arms and attract customers. Better idea: offer deep discounts off sticker price. Best idea: have famous artist Romero Britto use the car to create a one-of-a-kind piece of rolling art.

We spotted this car at a Miami area dealership. It is not a wrap or any kind of shortcut; it’s got raised paint and all. We were not given a final price, but expect to pay over sticker to take this home (his regular paintings go for five and six figures). Britto’s artworks are worth a smaller fortune. He has painted everything from CD covers, to dinnerware, to bikinis and murals. He even has a line of fragrances.


One of a kind! On second thoughts, one of a kind is the right expression. Compared to the ordinary A4s, this thing is as ugly as sin.

Or maybe I just don’t get art.........

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